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SubjectRe: [PATCH] NetLabel: Introduce a new kernel configuration API for NetLabel - For 2.6.24-rc-git11 - Smack Version 10
Joshua Brindle wrote:
> Casey Schaufler wrote:
>> From: Paul Moore <>
>> Add a new set of configuration functions to the NetLabel/LSM API so that
>> LSMs can perform their own configuration of the NetLabel subsystem
>> without
>> relying on assistance from userspace.
> I'm still not receiving the actual patch email on lsm (perhaps its too
> long and should be split up..) so I'll just respond on this email.
> Using the v10 patches on your website I'm still seeing strange
> behavior where echo foo > /proc/self/attr/current changes the label of
> every process on the system to foo (verified with both ps -AZ and cat
> /proc/1/attr/current).
Actually I'm getting more strange behavior:

On terminal 1 I do:
echo foo > /proc/self/attr/current
then ps -AZ shows foo for every process
touch somefile; attr -S -g SMACK64 somefile says foo

On terminal 2 I do:
ps -AZ and everything shows up as _
cat /proc/$pid of bash on term 1/attr/current is _

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