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SubjectRe: [PATCH] NetLabel: Introduce a new kernel configuration API for NetLabel - For 2.6.24-rc-git11 - Smack Version 10
Casey Schaufler wrote:
> From: Paul Moore <>
> Add a new set of configuration functions to the NetLabel/LSM API so that
> LSMs can perform their own configuration of the NetLabel subsystem without
> relying on assistance from userspace.
I'm still not receiving the actual patch email on lsm (perhaps its too
long and should be split up..) so I'll just respond on this email. Using
the v10 patches on your website I'm still seeing strange behavior where
echo foo > /proc/self/attr/current changes the label of every process on
the system to foo (verified with both ps -AZ and cat /proc/1/attr/current).

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