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    SubjectRe: x86_64 SATA DVD drive + libata trouble
    Bernd Strieder wrote:
    > Hello,
    > please CC me, I'm not subscribed.
    > If any kernel developer is interested in more specific information
    > please mail me, I can build kernels, I can apply patches, though
    > have not done it regularly.
    > I'd like to get the DVD drive working somehow. I have googled a lot
    > and did not find any more ideas what to do. Some good keywords to
    > find a solution would suffice at that end.
    > Rough problem description:
    > I have a Tyan mainboard with NVIDIA chipset CK804. The only
    > SATA/IDE device is a SATA DVD combo, the harddisks are on a RAID
    > controller from 3ware. The harddisks are fine.
    > The openSuSE 10.3 boot dvds fail after booting from the BIOS, the
    > installation kernel cannot use the DVD drive. That kernel uses
    > libata and sata_nv pata_amd as drivers. The drive is recognized
    > but it cannot be used. This is the situation probably during
    > install from DVD and now in the running system after a network
    > install it persists.
    > Reading from the dvd device /dev/sr0 with dd stops after at most
    > 119kb of rubbish read. Mounting fails with superblock not found.
    > When trying to remove the pata_amd module I get an Oops. I tried to
    > remove the modules to have a chance to reload them with other
    > options (atapi_enable), but that did not help, even after
    > rebooting.
    > A vanilla kernel behaves even less friendly, the dd
    > on /dev/sr0 causes a hard reset.
    > So there are clearly some problems with libata in this system.
    > I have failed switching away from libata getting the drive to be
    > recognized at all.

    There is a known problem with ATAPI devices on CK804 chipsets which have
    memory above the 4GB mark, being debugged here:

    If you are running into that one you can workaround it for now by
    passing the adma=0 parameter to the sata_nv module (not sure how this
    would be done on Suse's setup) or pass sata_nv.adma=0 on the kernel
    command line if sata_nv is built into the kernel. If that does help, I
    could ask you to test patches :-)

    Robert Hancock Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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