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    Subject[mm PATCH] RCU: various patches

    Please include this patchset for some testing in -mm.

    This patchset consists of various merge candidates that would
    do well to have some testing in -mm. This patchset breaks
    out RCU implementation from its APIs to allow multiple
    implementations, gives RCU its own softirq and finally
    lines up preemptible RCU from -rt tree as a configurable
    RCU implementation for mainline. Published earlier and
    re-diffed against -mm. One major change since the last time
    is that this has a new implementation of preemptible RCU
    from Paul which fixes the problem with watchdog NMI.
    For details -

    They have been tested lightly using combinations of
    dbench, kernbench and ltp (both CONFIG_CLASSIC_RCU=y and
    CONFIG_RCU_PREEMPT=y) on x86_64 and ppc64. Also ran
    rcutorture successfully on my x86_64 box with both
    RCU implementations.

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