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SubjectRe: Linux
Daniel Drake wrote:
> Hi Linus,
> Linus Torvalds wrote:
>> I did a slight modification of the patch I committed initially, in the
>> face of the report from Marcel that the initial sledge-hammer approach
>> broke his hald setup.
>> See commit 9ee8ab9fbf21e6b87ad227cd46c0a4be41ab749b: "Relax /proc fix
>> a bit", which should still fix the bug (can somebody verify? I'm 100%
>> sure, but still..), but is pretty much guaranteed to not have any
>> secondary side effects.
>> It still leaves the whole issue of whether /proc should honor chmod AT
>> ALL open, and I'd love to close that one, but from a "minimal fix"
>> standpoint, I think it's a reasonable (and simple) patch.
>> Marcel, can you check current git?
> I can confirm that the new fix prevents the exploit from working, with
> no immediately visible side effects.
> Thanks,
> Daniel

Can some one release a ? I think many people are waiting at
their keyboard to get their systems protected.

Appreciate the quick response !


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