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SubjectRe: Program to convert core file to executable.
On Thu, May 25, 2006 at 01:36:08AM +0530, vamsi krishna wrote:
> o Does the other PHDRS for which FileSiz is zero correspond to the
> dynamic shared objects (.so) text ?? example in the above we see (2
> **ed ) PHDR with VirtAddr as 0xf649c000 , so this means the text of
> some shared .so has been mapped here right?


> o I have question about the memory mapping with permissions r--s or
> r--p (gconv used by glibc gets mapped like this some time) , so does
> the core file contains this information of the memory mappings?
> o Is there a way I can findout the standard which the OS follows to
> write the core file?

No. Core files change from time to time. David Miller recently
proposed changing these.

> o Rather than depending on the OS core file, hows your opinion on
> writing out all the mappings form /proc/<pid>/maps as PT_LOAD into a
> elf formatted file of type ET_EXEC, do you think this works? rather
> than converting core file to exe?

You might want to take a look at GDB's generate-core-file command.

Daniel Jacobowitz
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