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    SubjectRE: C++ pushback

    > C++ allows more abstraction than C, unfortunately too many people go
    > right past past abstraction to obfuscation. With operator overloading
    > it's possible to generate write-only code, and programs where "A=B+C"
    > does file operations :-( That doesn't belong in an operating system, C
    > is the right choice.

    > -bill davidsen (

    I reject any argument of the type "because a language *allows* you to do X,
    and X is not always good, the language is bad". Now, if the language
    *required* you to do bad things, that would be a different story.

    If I could demonstrate ways to do bad things in C that don't belong in an
    operating system, would that convince you that C is not the right choice?
    For example, C allows easy use of floating point math, which doesn't belong
    in an operating system either.


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