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    Subject2.6.15-rt18, alsa sequencer, rosegarden -> alsa hangs
    Hi all, I don't know where to go from here...

    I'm trying to get a 2.6.15-rt18 kernel going and I'm finding a big
    showstopper in the alsa sequencer, presumably at the kernel module
    level. This is -rt18 with PREEMPT_RT and high resolution timers enabled,
    plus either alsa kernel drivers from 1.0.10 (latest stable release) or
    1.0.11rc3. Same problem for both. I initially thought that the
    snd-rtctimer kernel module was a problem so the latest tests were done
    with that module disabled so that the alsa sequencer is using the system
    timer for timing (HZ == 1000 for this kernel).

    The symptoms are as follows:
    - start jack using qjackctl
    - start qsynth (gui front end for fluidsynth, a synth)
    - start rosegarden (midi sequencer and audio recorder)
    - load a midi file into rosegarden
    - midi file plays successfully
    - close rosegarden
    at this point one of the threads of rosegarden fails to exit and stays
    forever in the process list, in a ps axuw it shows as:

    nando 5484 0.0 0.0 0 0 pts/1 D 13:32 0:00 [rosegardenseque]

    Anything else that I try to stop that touches the alsa sequencer never
    dies (qjackctl, vkeybd, qsynth, etc). Anything I try to start that tries
    to use it does not start. This happened with two widely different
    versions of rosegarden (1.0 and 1.2.3) - I have not yet tried with other
    alsa sequencer clients - I tried different kernel builds and alsa builds
    before giving up, the cycle is long when I include the frequent reboots.
    I can browse around in /proc/asound/seq but a:
    cat /proc/asound/clients
    hangs forever (unkillable). Obviously I can't unload the alsa subsystem
    to try again. At this point my only recourse to recover is a reboot
    (which hangs when trying to stop the alsa subsystem - so the reset key
    is the only option).

    There are no kernel oops or messages either in dmesg
    or /var/log/messages that I can see.

    Booting into 2.6.14 with the latest -rt patch for that branch does not
    show the problem (using alsa kernel modules from 1.0.10 stable).

    The problem happens with at least three completely different soundcards
    and two different kernel builds (one kind of vanilla, the other derived
    from the latest fc4 kernel configuration and patches).

    So it would look like an interaction between the newest -rt patches and
    the alsa sequencer timing. Weird because while rosegarden is up and
    running it plays midi sequences with no apparent problems, it is only
    when it exits that things get completely messed up.

    Suggestions appreciated...
    -- Fernando

    # cat /proc/asound/seq/timer
    Timer for queue 0 : system timer
    Period time : 0.001000000
    Skew : 65536 / 65536

    [rosegarden is still there.....]
    # cat /proc/asound/seq/queues
    queue 0: [Rosegarden queue]
    owned by client : 130
    lock status : Locked
    queued time events : 0
    queued tick events : 0
    timer state : Running
    timer PPQ : 96
    current tempo : 500000
    current BPM : 120
    current time : 1617.680000000 s
    current tick : 318130

    # cat /proc/asound/seq/drivers

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