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    SubjectArch-specific header inconsistency (asm-*/termios.h)
    I'm in the process of cleaning up various headers for use from  
    userspace, and at the same time I'm working to clean up some of the
    duplication in the kernel-only portions of those headers. I'm
    running into one oddity that I can't explain. In the various asm-*/
    termios.h files, there are user_termio_to_kernel_termios functions.
    The m68k header does this:

    get_user((termios)->c_line, &(termio)->c_line);

    The i386 header is missing that line, and after macro expansion the
    rest of the context is almost exactly identical. It appears there
    are a couple other architectures that fall on both sides of the
    fence. Can anyone explain this apparently aberrant behavior or is
    this a bug? If there's a reason behind it, I'll make sure to put in
    a useful comment; otherwise I'll fix it.

    Thanks for the help!

    Kyle Moffett

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