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SubjectRe: OOPS: 2.6.16-rc6 cpufreq_conservative

On Sun, 19 Mar 2006, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> So this definitely works, and is not new.

Btw, don't get me wrong - I think it would be preferable to use the
"for_each/end_for_each" syntax, since that would make the macros simpler,
and would possibly allow for somewhat simpler generated code.

But that would require each of the 300+ "for_each.*_cpu()" uses in the
current kernel to be modified and checked. In the meantime, people who are
interested can test out how much difference the trivial patch makes for

For me, it made a 4970 byte difference in code size. Noticeable? Maybe
not (it's about 0.15% of my kernel text-size), but it _is_ better code,
and next time somebody gets an oops near there, at least the crap code
won't be hiding the cause ;)

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