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    SubjectRe: CD writing in future Linux (stirring up a hornets' nest)
    On 02/14/06 05:47:55PM +0100, Joerg Schilling wrote:
    > Anders Karlsson <> wrote:
    > > On 2/14/06, Joerg Schilling <> wrote:
    > > [snip]
    > > > - How does HAL allow one cdrecord instance to work
    > > > without being interrupted by HAL?
    > >
    > > Uuh, if the writer unit is plugged in via USB and HAL detects it going
    > > away, as in getting disconnected from the system, don't you think it
    > > would be a smart move for cdrecord to pay attention to such an alert?
    > >
    > > I am sure you can explain to me if there are overwhelming technical
    > > reason to continue dumping data to a non-existant device.
    > It seems that you did not loisten to this discussion before, why doyou come in
    > now not knowing the topcis?
    > Try to get hand on the deleted bug entries on Debian and you will see how
    > cdrecord is interrupted.
    > Jörg

    Apparently you're the one not paying attention, the so-called bugs you were
    talking about haven't been deleted and I even mentioned that I found them
    in this 'discussion' days ago.

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