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SubjectRe: Dual cores on Core2Duo not detected?

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006, Mark Lord wrote:

> Shaun Q wrote:
>> Hi there everyone --
>> I'm trying to build a custom kernel for using both cores of my new Core2Duo
>> E6600 processor...
>> I thought this was simply a matter of enabling the SMP support in the
>> kernel .config and recompiling, but when the kernel comes back up, still
>> only one core is detected.
>> With the default vanilla text-based SuSE 10.1 install, it does find both
>> cores...
>> Anyone have any pointers for me on what I might be missing?
> CPU type is set to Pentium-4 or Pentium-M ? (either works here).
I'm not getting the CPU Type options here, just the "Processor Family"
which is set to Intel EM64T. I think the CPU type options are only
available if I create a 32-bit kernel instead of the 64-bit one I'm
working on here.

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