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    SubjectRe: Dual cores on Core2Duo not detected?
    On 13/11/06, Shaun Q <> wrote:
    > Hi there everyone --
    > I'm trying to build a custom kernel for using both cores of my new
    > Core2Duo E6600 processor...
    > I thought this was simply a matter of enabling the SMP support in the
    > kernel .config and recompiling, but when the kernel comes back up, still
    > only one core is detected.
    > With the default vanilla text-based SuSE 10.1 install, it does find both
    > cores...
    > Anyone have any pointers for me on what I might be missing?

    This is probably not your problem, but it could be, so worth checking.
    Are you booting with maxcpus=1 on your kernel commandline?

    Another thing could be that you need to set CONFIG_NR_CPUS to
    something more than 2. at least in the past some people observed that
    depending on hov CPUs/cores got numbered CONFIG_NR_CPUS needed to be
    set at least as high as the highest numbered core. Try setting it to 8
    and see if that makes a difference.

    On a related note; you probably also want to enable CONFIG_SCHED_MC in
    addition to just SMP support.

    Jesper Juhl <>
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