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Subject[rfc] 2.6.19-rc1-git5: consolidation of file backed fault handlers
OK, I've cleaned up and further improved this patchset, removed duplication
while retaining legacy nopage handling, restored page_mkwrite to the ->fault
path (due to lack of users upstream to attempt a conversion), converted the
rest of the filesystems to use ->fault, restored MAP_POPULATE and population
of remap_file_pages pages, replaced nopfn completely, and removed
NOPAGE_REFAULT because that can be done easily with ->fault.

In the process:
- GFS2, OCFS2 theoretically get nonlinear mapping support
- Nonlinear mappings gain page_mkwrite and dirty page throttling support
- Nonlinear mappings gain the fault vs truncate race fix introduced for linear

All pretty much for free.

This is lightly compile tested only, unlike the last set, mainly
because it is presently just an RFC regarding the direction I'm going
(and it's bedtime).


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