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    SubjectModify setterm color palette

    Sorry for the crosspost, I just wasn't sure which group should I target.

    Here is what I try to do : I got to modify the standard colors used by setterm,
    the reason being my preference for using text consoles rather than xterms.
    I also prefer the fg green bg black setup. I can acheave that just by
    simply issuing a "setterm -foreground green -store". Now my problem is
    that the green I get is too dark on my screeen (even if I set the display
    luminosity to max). If I could modify the color used by setterm I
    could get a bit
    brighter green, but I'm not sure where/how to do that...

    I've been looking in the kernel sources in the "console.c" and I think
    spotted the
    place where the colours are set but it seems to me that a more appropiate
    place to do such things would be the terminfo db.

    Any hints ?

    I'm using radeonfb under Suse/amd64 if that makes any difference...

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