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SubjectRe: 2.6.15-git breaks Xorg on em64t
On 1/14/06, Dave Jones <> wrote:
> Andi,
> Sometime in the last week something was introduced to Linus'
> tree which makes my dual EM64T go nuts when X tries to start.
> By "go nuts", I mean it does various random things, seen so
> far..
> - Machine check. (I'm convinced this isn't a hardware problem
> despite the new addition telling me otherwise :)
> - Reboot
> - Total lockup
> - NMI watchdog firing, and then lockup
> I've tried backing out a handful of the x86-64 patches, and
> didn't get too far, as some of them are dependant on others,
> it quickly became a real mess to try to bisect where exactly it broke.
> Any ideas for potential candidates to try & back out ?

Did you perhaps take a look at my report ? -git{6,7} were
bad for me, and the netconsole stack was, uhm, interesting.

-git8 made the problem disappear. Haven't tested more recent



"Somehow all you ever need is, never really quite enough, you know"

(Bruce Springsteen - "Reno")
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