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    SubjectRe: Why the DOS has many ntfs read and write driver,but the linux can't for a long time

    > > > > money to the right people.
    > > >
    > > > Could or would you be so kind to provide at least moderately complete
    > > > pricelist ? Whom and how much should I pay to have correct support for
    > > > intel graphics chipset, 2200BG Wi-Fi, complete
    > > > suspend-to-disk/suspend-to-ram and to get an overall performance boost ?
    > >
    > > Since these are all supported in 2.6.15, $0 would be my quote.
    > I've mentioned _correct_ support. Contrary to current rather sad state of things.
    > 855GM still has no support for non-VESA videomodes (1280x800 can be enabled only via VBIOS hacks, and is not always properly restored on resume)
    > (and don't supported with intelfb) (which, AFAIK, has no support for dualhead)
    > 2200BG sometimes starts to unacceptably lag and drop packets after going out of suspend (either STR or STD) and until reboot.
    > (And this is driver issue)
    > Suspend to ram works, more or less, but drains power like hungry cat drinks milk, and I just can't leave my laptop in STR for more than two days
    > without worrying about my on-the-road availability.
    > Suspend to disk has nasty tendency to ruin my whole hot live X session, since X can't properly restore VT on resume.
    > Overall performance isn't that bad, either, but I just can't understand, why KATE (Kde more or less advanced editor) takes twice as long to start
    > as UltraEdit in _emulated_ (VMWare) Windows XP running on this same box.
    > So, the question remains the same - whom and how much I need to pay to solve abovementioned problems ?

    Buy SLES with support contract. We should be able to help with
    s-t-disk and ipw2200... 2 days in s-t-ram sounds quite ok, why
    do you think anytink is wrong there?
    Thanks, Sharp!
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