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SubjectRe: Why the DOS has many ntfs read and write driver,but the linux can't for a long time
On 9 January 2006 15:45, CaT wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 09, 2006 at 02:03:46PM +0300, Yaroslav Rastrigin wrote:
> > Suspend to disk has nasty tendency to ruin my whole hot live X session, since X can't properly restore VT on resume.
> Not necessarily a solution but have you thought of putting chvt in the
> suspend/resume sequence? chvt to a terminal before suspending and chvt
> to X after resume.
Yes, of course. I've spent countless hours trying to figure solution for this particular problem. Tried generic Linux suspend-to-disk and swsusp2,
changing terminals before/after suspend, delay sleeps, vbetool and all that fuss and jazz. Looks like race condition somewhere between kernel and X driver.
> Still, the above might help you until you find someone to throw money
> at. ;)
Ahhh. Sweet dream - to be able to offer money to fix extremely annoying bugs or to add missing features.
Unfortunately, bounties doesn't work :-/

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