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SubjectNot able to see the symbols
I am programming a service in the kernel and want a module to be able to
use it. This means the module (an external module) need to see the symbols of
the variables (more specifically a lock and a list and some integers).
The problem is the when I compile
the kernel the symbols are not exported. I run nm or look at the and
they are not there, so the module doesnt see them and says "symbol undefined"
when trying to link. Suprisingly, for some reason, it doesnt complain
about the lock.

I tried including (in the kernel service, and even though it is not a
module) module.h and using the EXPORT_SYMBOL macro to no avail.

I have also tried compiling the module two different ways (in the hope
that it would see the symbols even if I dont)

make -C /lib/modules/_kernelname_/build module SUBDIRS=$(pwd)


make -C /lib/modules/_kernelname_/build M=$(pwd)

where _kernelname_ is the name of my kernel.

Please, CC me on any answers, as I am not on the list.


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