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Subject8250 serial driver and PM

I'm working on power management support for a particular ARM based board
and I've got a question:
I want to add a board specific power management for standard uart driver
(serial8250). For this purpose there is a special hook defined in
uart_8250_port structure (drivers/serial/8250.c):
> /*
> * We provide a per-port pm hook.
> */
> void (*pm)(struct uart_port *port,
> unsigned int state, unsigned int

When driver goes into suspend/resume, serial8250_pm() function is called
and it checks for the hook and executes it if it exists. But I didn't
find a proper way to assign my own function to this hook.
How this hook is supposed to be changed? Is there a way to correctly
initialize it and how it should be done?
Whether it's a good way to initialize it, for example, in
up->mcr_mask = ~ALPHA_KLUDGE_MCR;
up->mcr_force = ALPHA_KLUDGE_MCR;

up->port.ops = &serial8250_pops;

up->pm = pnx4008_uart_pm;

Or it's a bad manner?

Any help appreciated,


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