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SubjectRe: Easy trick to reduce kernel footprint
Willy Tarreau wrote:
> Here's a simple trick for all those who try to squeeze their kernels to the
> absolute smallest size.
> I recently discovered p7zip which comes with the LZMA compression algorithm,
> which is somewhat better than gzip and bzip2 on most datasets, and I also
> noticed that this tool provides support for gzip and bzip2 outputs. So I tried
> to produce some of those standard outputs, and observed a slight gain compared
> to the default tools. The reason is that we can change the number of passes and
> the dictionnary size.

Is it any smaller than a UPX'd kernel? (I think you need the beta version.
I know the upx-ucl in debian won't compress but upx-ucl-beta will if you
force). I got a significant reduction using it.

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