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SubjectRE: [patch 2.6.12-rc3] dell_rbu: Resubmitting patch for new DellBIOS update driver

> No no no. Just because you are using the firmware interface, does not
> mean you need to add this extra round-trip to the whole system. Just
> dump the firmware to the /sys/firmware/whatever... file whenever you
> want to, that's all that is needed. No hotplug stuff, no filename
> stuff, just a simple copy.
Greg, all the feedback gave the impression that request_firmwae hotplug
stuff was the way to go. Seems it's not required! Now that means it
needs to be done the way it was before except that it needs to have a
bin attribute for data and a normal attribute for size.
This would be even better as it makes it easy to read back the data.

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