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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] 2.6: USB disk unusable level of data corruption

>> Is USB/SCSI just terminally broken under 2.6?

David> I don't think so, but there are problems that appear in some
David> hardware configs and not others. Many folk report no problems;
David> a (very) few report nothing but.

This is just a chime in to let people know others are seeing problems
with USB/SCSI external enclosures.

I haven't tried lately, but my USB/FireWire enclosure never worked
with Linux (or WinNT under firewire, sigh...) so I haven't touched it
in months. Money down the drain.

David> If you've verified this on 2.6.10, then you certainly have have
David> the ehci-hcd (re)queueing race fix that has made a big
David> difference for some folk. I don't know of any other issues in
David> that driver that could explain usb-storage problems.

I should try it again and see how it works under USB/Firewire, my last
attempts were under 2.6.[78] or so time frame.

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