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    SubjectRe: Odd data corruption problem with LVM/ReiserFS
    Alex Adriaanse wrote:
    > As far as I can tell all the directories are still intact, but there
    > was a good number of files that had been corrupted. Those files
    > looked like they had some chunks removed, and some had a bunch of NUL
    > characters (in blocks of 4096 characters). Some files even had chunks
    > of other files inside of them!

    I can second that. I had the same experience this weekend on a
    md/dm/reiserfs setup. The funny thing is that e.g. find reports I/O
    errors but if you then run tar on the tree you eventually get the
    correct data from tar. Then run find again and you'll again get I/O errors.

    > I did a reiserfsck (3.6.19) on /var, which did not report any problems.

    You need to run 'reiserfsck --rebuild-tree' and see what happens :-(

    > Anyway, what do you guys think could be the problem? Could it be that
    > the LVM / Device Mapper snapshot feature is solely responsible for
    > this corruption? (I'm sure there's a reason it's marked
    > Experimental).

    I don't think so - I changed from reiserfs to ext3 without changing the
    underlying dm/raid5 and this seems to work properly.

    I can furthermore state that reiserfs without dm/md does work correctly
    as I use reiserfs on a ieee1394 backup disk (that saved me from terrible

    Currently I can only warn to not use reiserfs with dm/md on 2.6.
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