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    Subjectdefective RAM: corrupted ext3 FS. How to identify corrupted files/directories?

    My RAM died, and it corrupted my file system. It seems like this
    machine just wants to die... [1]

    After removing the faulty RAM, I can boot. I made extensive memtest86+ tests.
    I now have my home partition mounted as read-only because of said corruption.

    I see a bunch of "ext3_readdir: directory xxxx contains a hole at
    offset xxxxx" when I try to access some parts of my disk.

    I postponed fscking the FS until I have identified the faulty data.

    I was thinking of doing a rsync --dry-run against a known working
    backup and check the logs. Any better idea? Is there a way to convert
    the directory IDs into file paths?

    I have around 500 000 files on that partition. It takes time checking them all.



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