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SubjectRe: best way to handle LEDs

> Led triggers would be kernel sources of led on/off events. Some
> examples:
> 2Hz Heartbeat - useful for debugging (and/or Generic Timer)
> CPU Load indicator
> Charging indicator
> HDD activity (useful for microdrive on handheld)
> Network activity
> no doubt many more
> led triggers would be connected to leds via sysfs. Each trigger would
> probably have a number you could echo into an led's trigger attribute.
> Sensible default mappings could be had by assigning a default trigger to
> a device by name in the platform code that declares the led.

Perhaps I'd keep it simple and leave it at

* do hardcoded kernel action for this led


* do whatever userspace tells you.

That way you will not be able to remap charger LED onto hard disk
indicator, but we can support that on ibm-acpi too. (Where hw controls
LEDs like "sleep", but lets you control them. You can't remap,
Thanks, Sharp!
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