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SubjectRe: ADI Blackfin patch for kernel 2.6.14
On 11/14/05, Arjan van de Ven <> wrote:
> > > The process is like maintaining any other part of the kernel:
> > > - Try to make sure it works on all releases (harder to do with a full
> > > arch, I know, but not impossible.)
> >
> > Does this include all the rc releases? and the 2.6.14.x releases?
> >
> > > - keep it up to date with bugfixes and the such
> >
> > So the process is: when kernel release a new version, we should
> > update our arch related files to the new kernel, then send you the
> > patch. Am I right?
> well the idea is that you fix things BEFORE the kernel is released for
> final, so that the final releases work out of the box (well out of
> This implies that you sort of track the git tree on a
> regular basis, but at minimum look at the first -rc kernel.

yep, that's our plan. And for the, versions, do
we have to follow every of them?

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