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    Subject[Bug 4081] New: OpenOffice crashes while starting due to a threading error
    Please contact bug submitter for more info, not myself.


    Summary: OpenOffice crashes while starting due to a threading
    Kernel Version: 2.6.11-rc2
    Status: NEW
    Severity: blocking

    Distribution: Debian
    Hardware Environment: Pentum III 733 MHz
    Software Environment: Debian Sid
    Problem Description:
    While starting open Office crashes, it did not happend on 2.6.10, but happend on
    2.6.11. rc1 and rc2. The only thing that has changed is the kernel. If i go back
    to 2.6.10 OpenOffice starts just fine.

    gdb shows that it crashes during this call:
    thread_get_info_callback: cannot get thread info: generic error

    the logs kern.log and messages don't show anything related to this crash.

    Steps to reproduce:

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