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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.9-rc3
Gene Heskett wrote:
> bz2 has resulted in corrupted unpacks here on more than one occasion,
> and it has done it without any outwardly visible error when the
> md5sum was good. I've had it skip a whole subdir tree in a kernel
> unpack on at least 4 occasions, and a missing file someplace on
> several more occasions. I don't have any such troubles when dl'ing
> and using the .gz version of things.
> There has been at least one occasion where the .bz2 dl had a bad
> md5sum, again without any visible error as it was downloading, nuke
> it and go back and get the same file again and it was good. Again
> I've had no such troubles when using the .gz versions, so after a a
> while, I got into the habit of just gettng the .gz version and I've
> never had an instance of a bad md5sum that wasn't accompanied by site
> access problems.

There's definitely something else going on. I don't see how you can
blame bz2 for downloading problems. If this were true we would see a
_lot_ more problem reports than just one in >5 years.


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