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    Subject[PATCH] fixed pidhashing patch
    >>I've only compiletested my changes, though I have strong reasons to
    >>believe they're correct. If Kirill signs off on this, I will too.
    > Kirill?

    I cleanuped it once again. It compiles/works fine.
    Hope there will be no more problems with it.

    list of small changes:
    - FIXED bug in do_each_task_pid() made by Lee. last task was skipped in the loop, removed __list__ var.
    - remade patch against latest tree (there was a conflict in exit.c)
    - returned 'extern' in find_pid() declaration
    - fixed style a bit in detach_pid(), find_task_by_pid_type()

    Original comment:
    This patch fixes strange and obscure pid implementation in current kernels:
    - it removes calling of put_task_struct() from detach_pid()
    under tasklist_lock. This allows to use blocking calls
    in security_task_free() hooks (in __put_task_struct()).
    - it saves some space = 5*5 ints = 100 bytes in task_struct
    - it's smaller and tidy, more straigthforward and doesn't use
    any knowledge about pids using and assignment.
    - it removes pid_links and pid_struct doesn't hold reference counters
    on task_struct. instead, new pid_structs and linked altogether and
    only one of them is inserted in hash_list.

    Signed-off-by: Kirill Korotaev (


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