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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Realtime LSM
    James Morris <> writes:

    > I wonder if it might be better to specify configuration via
    > /proc/<pid>/attr rather than module parameters.

    We discussed configuration via /proc, and it seems worthwhile.

    Maybe I don't understand the details of what you propose. I don't
    find the /proc/<pid> approach attractive because it seems difficult to
    administer. But, setting something global like /proc/realtime/group
    or /proc/realtime/any would make a good enhancement to the current

    I have not implemented that yet because (1) the current approach has
    proven adequate for the Linux audio user community, and (2) I haven't
    wanted to spend time mastering the internal kernel interfaces for
    accessing /proc from an LSM. I know it's not difficult, but I had
    other things I'd rather do. :-)

    Thanks for the suggestion,
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