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    Subject[PATCH 0/3] Transition /proc/cpuinfo -> sysfs

    Following this email will be a set of patches that provide a first pass
    at exporting information currently in /proc/cpuinfo to sysfs for i386 and
    ARM. There are applications that are dependent on /proc/cpuinfo atm, so we
    can't just kill it, but we should agree on a kill date and require all
    arches & apps to transition by that point. I've added code to
    proc_misc.c to remind the user that the cpuinfo interface is going
    away (currently using arbitrary date ~1 year from now). I've also
    added a pointer to struct cpu that can be used by arch code to
    store any information that might be needed during attribute printing.

    Couple of questions:

    - Do we want to standardize on a set of attributes that all CPUs
    must provide to sysfs? bogomips, L1 cache size/type/sets/assoc (when
    available), L2 cache (L3..L4), etc? This would make the output be the
    same across architectures for those features and would simply require
    adding some fields to struct cpu to carry this data and some generic
    ATTR entries to drivers/base/cpu.c. I am all for standardized
    interfaces so I'll do a first pass at this if desired.

    - On an HT setup, do we want link(s) pointing to sibling(s)?

    - Currently the bug and feature fields on x86 have "yes" and "no".
    Do we want the same in sysfs or 1|0?

    - Instead of dumping the "flags" field, should we just dump cpu
    registers as hex strings and let the user decode (as the comment
    for the x86_cap_flags implies.

    I'll try to do MIPS, SH, and PPC when I get a chance (all I have access
    to), but have other things to do for a while, so want comments on above
    questions first.


    Deepak Saxena - dsaxena at plexity dot net -

    "Unlike me, many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment and
    will die here like rotten cabbages." - Number 6
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