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    SubjectFinding out what certain kernel config options are dependant on
    Hi, I'm sorry for not posting a more development related question, but I 
    know there is a need for finding out why certain options in make config are
    preselected, and why we can't choose not to use them. If this doesn't make
    sense, consider this:
    On my machine, with 2.6.8-rc4-mm1 (and all the other versions I've tried so
    far in 2.6) CONFIG_CRYPTO is preselected, and I can't remove it. I'm not
    interested in the cryptographic API at all. So what driver or option did i
    enable that requires CONFIG_CRYPTO?
    I'd appreciate help on finding this out, since I'd like to remove it all
    from my .config. Is there a script or some other automated way on finding
    this out?
    If I find out that CONFIG_CRYPTO really is needed in the kernel all the way,
    I appologize for asking such a stupid question, but then I'd wonder why
    there is even an option for that.

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