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    SubjectPotential bug in fs/binfmt_elf.c?

    I believe there is a problem in fs/binfmt_elf.c, around line 700 (kernel

    When mapping a nobits PT_LOAD segment with a memsize > filesize, the
    kernel calls set_brk (which in turns calls do_brk) to map and clear the
    area, but this discards access permissons on the mapping leading to rwx
    protection. This causes a load failure on systems where the VM cannot
    reserve swap space for the segment, unless overcommit is active (on many
    systems it's not on by default).

    I don't know this code well, but it seems that this discarding of access
    permissions on the unlikely codepath is incorrect. I filed bug #2255 [1]
    on it.

    Could somebody who understands the ELF loading code please check to see
    if this is a bug, and if so produce a patch?

    The ability to define a new (large) ELF section which isn't backed by
    swap space nor disk space and that will be mapped to a specific VMA
    range is needed by Wine to reserve the PE load area.

    Currently the fact that the section is always mapped rwx despite being
    marked read-only in the binary prevents us from using this as a solution
    to the problems caused by exec-shield/prelink, meaning the only solution
    is to bootstrap the ELF interpreter ourselves from a statically linked
    binary. Clearly we'd rather not do that.

    Thanks to for bringing the matter to my attention.

    Your assistance is appreciated,
    thanks -mike


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