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    Subjectnew special filesystem for consideration in 2.6/2.7
    MontaVista Software has developed a new filesystem
    targeted for embedded systems that we would like to
    have considered for inclusion in 2.6 or 2.7. It is
    called the Protected and Persistent RAM Special Filesystem
    (PRAMFS). It was originally developed for three major consumer
    electronics companies for use in their smart cell phones
    and other consumer devices.

    An intro to PRAMFS along with a technical specification
    is at the SourceForge project web page at A patch for 2.6.3 has
    been released at the SF project site.

    PRAMFS can be tested on a desktop by reserving some portion
    of physical memory with "mem=". For example, a machine with
    512M could reserve the top 32M with "mem=480M". PRAMFS would
    then be mounted with:

    mount -t pramfs -o physaddr=0x1e000000,init=0x2000000 none /mnt/pramfs

    Thanks for your comments and consideration.


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