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SubjectRe: Kernel Cross Compiling [update]
* Herbert Poetzl ( wrote:
> Hi Folks!
> Here is an update to the Kernel Cross Compiling thread
> I started ten days ago ...

Quite a while ago I tried going through a similar
process. I found at the time the debian toolchain-source
package helped in this process.

There is however one thing you seem to have missed - you
tend to need subtely different versions of gcc and binutils
for each combination.

It certainly used to be the case that every architectures
kernel used to have different known issues in both gcc
and binutils; and there was a fair amount of 'oh don't
use that version, it produces broken kernels' with
different answers for each architecture.

At one time I tried to make a summary page showing where
the kernel source and tools are for each architecture;
but I never kept it upto date.


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