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Subjectis nForce2 good choice under Linux?

I am recently considering buying Abit AN7 motherboard with NVIDIA nForce2
Ultra 400 with MCP-T bridge. But I found some posts on the Internet that
states there are some problems with nForce2 chipsets under Linux.

So my questions:

1. What is the status of nForce2 support under Linux? What works what not?

2. Are the drivers binary or source or open source? Are the drivers in
mainline kernels or do I need a patch?

3. Are there any problems with this chipset? Are the problems hardware
based or soft based (= will/can be fixed)? Are ACPI, APIC, IRQ and so on
working OK?

4. Are there any workarounds in the kernel for hardware bugs? Do they
affect performance/stability?

5. Should I choose other mainboard? Why? Which?

6. Any comments from people which use this mainboard/chipsets under Linux?

I am mainly interested in 2.6 kernels, if it does change anything.

thanks in advance and sorry for my english

Grzegorz Kulewski

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