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    SubjectRe: net-pf-10, 2.6.1
    --text follows this line--

    * On Sat Jan 31 2004 - 21:36:58 EST, Steve Youngs wrote:

    |> > |> > install net-pf-10 /bin/true
    |> This _is_ what you want in your modprobe.conf file. Or possibly
    |> `install net-pf-10-* /bin/true', but I'm pretty sure that Rusty has
    |> added some backward compatibility code so that either _should_ work.
    |> The other thing that you need to do once you have updated
    |> modprobe.conf is to run `depmod' to regenerate the dependency
    |> files.

    I've tried the variations I can think of---putting the line:

    install net-pf-10 /bin/true

    in /lib/modules/modprobe.conf via update-modules, or directly by hand-editing.
    Then depmod; then reboot. Also:

    install net-pf-10-* /bin/true
    install net-pf-* /bin/true

    All variations still lead to:

    Jan 31 23:08:01 ohlone kernel: request_module: failed /sbin/modprobe -- net-pf-10. error = 256
    Jan 31 23:23:01 ohlone kernel: request_module: failed /sbin/modprobe -- net-pf-10. error = 256

    on each run of exim from cron (Debian exim has ipv6 support compiled
    in). If I run modprobe manually, I get:

    ohlone# modprobe net-pf-10
    FATAL: Module ipv6 not found.

    indicating that modprobe knows about the alias, but is not running
    /bin/true when requested to load the module.

    However: if I manually edit /etc/modprobe.d/aliases (which you're not
    supposed to do), so as to comment out:

    # alias net-pf-10 ipv6

    and then add:

    install ipv6 /bin/true

    (update-modules; depmod; reboot), `modprobe ipv6' from the
    command-line completes silently and without error (but without loading
    the module, of course, since it doesn't exist). Which I think is the
    expected behaviour.

    But even at that point, in the logs we still get:

    Feb 1 00:53:01 ohlone /USR/SBIN/CRON[280]: (mail) CMD ( if [ -x /usr/lib/exim/exim3 -a -f /etc/exim/exim.conf ]; then /usr/lib/exim/exim3 -q ; fi)
    Feb 1 00:53:01 ohlone kernel: request_module: failed /sbin/modprobe -- net-pf-10. error = 256

    (because exim is trying to load the module under the name net-pf-10??)

    Here are some pointers to what seems to be the same or a similar problem:

    Oh well, it is a very small problem (all it does is clutter the
    log-files). Thanks very much to all who helped,

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