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SubjectRe: [lkdump-develop] Re: [ANNOUNCE 0/7] Diskdump 1.0 Release

I am a developer of an yet another crash dump (mkdump).
I'd like to know conditions which cause taking dump fail.
It is helpful to share those informations for dump developers.

I have three major concerns about taking dump.
* interrupt disable
taking dump should be run under interrput disable.
diskdump is aware of that. How about kexec based dump ?
* avoid deadlock
taking dump should not get any locks to avoid deadlock. (?)
I think there are many posibility of deadlock in the kexec
based dump (from crash occur to initiate the new kernel).
(mkdump does not meet neither yet. :-p)
* be sure to get the other CPUs' register value
How are the other CPUs' regsiter value get and how are the
other CPUs stoped ?
(of course the goal of mkdump is to solve these points
although not implemented yet :-)

Any other points to be consider ?
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.
Itsuro ODA <>

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