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SubjectPossible GPL Violation of Linux in Amstrad's E3 Videophone (me too???)
Oops then may be I'm violating GPL too, cause I'm using Linux 2.4.xx, uClibc 
and CUPS and, and, in my small distro, and I'm not putting to download the
sources of the whole scripts to made the bootable ISO, and control the
I'm distributing a uClibc Linux Based distro, just live, to shell personalized
copies to my customers (disconfiguration-proof), I put a ligth version to
download and sources of everything I can on two DSL servers. But cause I'm
alone in developing I've a little disorder to understand some stuffs about
GPL and I've a couple of peoples that knows my work and they wants to shell
it without say tanks, I decide to not upload the whole sources of remote panel
and scripts and full version until I shell 50 or 100 copies.

But in other side, cause I get the whole Linux Development Box as almost GPL,
I made some contributions in GPL too (to feel I'm part of the GPL team), like
add2cd script to make console multisession disks (perl) may be helps someone
to make sources backup:
and subfixer to blah blah (Java, I can't understand Sun's license if I compile
it without kaffe or GNU classpath). and and and...

I take GPL as a flag, I take it since Richard M. Stallman do a conference
about free Software on Rosario/Argentina, every Program I made for my
customers, I tell they this is a free software, you pay for get them running
not for rights and life warranties, and you have the whole sources if you
don't want my services anymore. They call us as a last option cause we can do
whatever they can imagine with Linux. On this cases, is a personalized
software, we do not publish everything until we have a customer, and only
publish the sources to our customers (they pay for the software get born).
When my small company shell computers we install and promote Linux on them as
a primary boot option over Micro$ofs popular Os, and enforce Free OpenSource
Software usage over Comercial one. People loves the Linux robustness when
they know them. Thanks to the Linux Kernel Team I can install almost
everything on a Linux box. But we don't provide to our customers the whole
sources of every program, just kernel's one cause is needed to build third
party drivers and normal users use disk space for multimedia and they never
need to see or modify the sources...

Then I think I'm not evil, I'm wondering to ear that one DVD Player supports
DIVX thanks to Linux/MPlayer or a Phone or a Government is using Linux on
their offices, or... but I hate to profit without say just Tanks Guys.

¿I'm wrong, to hide for a while some sources????????

Thanks Kernel Suff!

Gustavo Guillermo Perez
Compunauta uLinux

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