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    SubjectRe: 2.4.23-uv3 patch set released

    > Anyway, in ide_wait_stat(), the "timeout" value is always either
    > "WAIT_DRQ" (5*HZ/100) or it is "WAIT_READY" (3*HZ/100). And look at
    > WAIT_READY a bit more:
    > #if defined(CONFIG_APM) || defined(CONFIG_APM_MODULE)
    > #define WAIT_READY (5*HZ) /* 5sec - some laptops are very slow */
    > #else
    > #define WAIT_READY (3*HZ/100) /* 30msec - should be instantaneous */
    > #endif /* CONFIG_APM || CONFIG_APM_MODULE */
    > I bet that the _real_ problem is this. That "3*HZ/100" value is just too
    > damn short. It has already been increased to 5*HZ for anything that has
    > APM enabled, but anybody who doesn't use APM gets a _really_ short
    > timeout.
    > My suggestion: change the non-APM timeout to something much larger. Make
    > it ten times bigger, rather than leaving it at a value that us so small
    > that a single interrupt could make a difference..
    > In fact, right now a single timer interrupt on 2.4.x is the difference
    > between waiting 20ms and 30ms. That's a _big_ relative difference.
    > Andrew - unless you disagree, I'd just be inlined to change both the DRQ
    > and READY timeouts to be a bit larger. On working hardware it shouldn't
    > matter, so how about just making them both be something like 100 msec (and
    > leave that strange really big APM value alone).

    I believe you should get rid of that CONFIG_APM. Its wrong. CONFIG_APM
    no longer corresponds with "is laptop". You can have laptop with ACPI

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