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SubjectRE: iswraid calling modprobe when scsi statically compiled?
> The problem is in the initialization ordering. iswraid must initialize
> after SCSI, but it is located in the IDE drivers directory, and
> therefore is initialized before SCSI. So it won't work when built into
> the kernel.
> If you build iswraid as module and load it from initrd (after the SCSI
> subsystem is initialized and raw drives are detected), it should work.

As pointed this in an unfortunate side effect of the nature of driver
dependency: iswraid (in ataraid/IDE subsystem) depending on ata_piix (in
SCSI). The above solution will solve the issue.

But can anyone shed some light on resolving this issue other than
compiling the driver as kernel module ?
i.e is there a way I can change the order of driver initialization in
the kernel ? Load SCSI subsystem before IDE ?

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