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SubjectRE: HT not working by default since 2.4.22
Okay, so what to do?

We could make 2.4.23 like 2.4.21 where ACPI code for HT is included in
the kernel even when CONFIG_ACPI is not set.

Or we could leave 2.4.23 like 2.4.22 where disabling CONFIG_ACPI really
does remove all ACPI code in the kernel; and when CONFIG_ACPI is set,
CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY is available to limit ACPI to just the tables part
needed for HT.

I'd prefer the later (doing nothing) because CONFIG_ACPI really should
exclude all of ACPI. If we start including bits of ACPI without
CONFIG_ACPI, where do we stop?

I'm not sure how to address "compatibility" and "regression" concepts in
the face of changing config files. Make oldconfig will ask you about
CONFIG_ACPI -- perhaps I should update the help text to emphasize that
it is necessary for HT, and that if selected, CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY is
then available?

Is defconfig used? Does it define "compatibility"? If so, we could
define CONFIG_ACPI && CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY in defconfig to get the 2.4.21
behavior -- then could have our cake and eat it too.

I don't feel strongly about which way to go, but I will want to keep 2.4
and 2.6 as similar as possible in this area.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jeff Garzik []
> Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 1:55 PM
> To: Brown, Len
> Cc: Marcelo Tosatti;; Alan Cox;
> Nakajima, Jun
> Subject: Re: HT not working by default since 2.4.22
> On Mon, Sep 22, 2003 at 01:28:03PM -0400, Brown, Len wrote:
> > If somebody has a 2.4.22 system where CONFIG_ACPI_HT_ONLY plus zero
> > cmdline parameters doesn't result in HT running and no ACPI running,
> > then please forward the details directly to me.
> The old acpitable.[ch] was unconditionally enabled... So _not_
> unconditionally enabling HT was a regression.
> (just pointing out a fact; I actually prefer a CONFIG_xxx)
> Jeff
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