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SubjectRealtek ALC650E support in 2.[45]?
Trying to get an upgrade and have a choice between two MBs. Both have
onboard sound and one has the ALC650 audio support and the other has
ALC650E audio support. I believe the former is s/w and the latter is
h/w. I'd like to get the ALC650E but I can't find any clear info if
there's support for it in either the 2.4 or 2.5 linux kernels. I found
mention of the ALC650 in the source but not the ALC650E. Searching
the web did not yeild much clarity either (and neither did the ALSA
website :/) but I may have missed something though.

Anyways, does it support it? I'd prefer fully OS driver support and
don't mind using patches but prefer to be able to compile the driver
into the kernel as I like the lack of messyness that comes with
monolithic kernels.

Any help would be truly appreciated. Thanks.

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