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    SubjectRe: AIC7(censored) card gone wild?
    On Fri, 20 Jun 2003, Perez-Gonzalez, Inaky wrote:

    > So I wonder, what does that error mean? SCSI1 has attached a
    > CDRW (Sony Yamaha CDRW 8/4/24) but now it doesn't show up
    > anymore (and so, I cannot get the model). .

    The first step towards finding that out is power cycling (shut down,
    switch off for a minute, then start up again) or physically
    disconnecting the Yamaha drive (if it's Yamaha).

    I've seen Adaptecs fuss and fight with Yamahas more than once --
    although in Linux 2.2 and early 2.4 times -- and Yamahas have the nasty
    habit of locking up until the next power cycle when something goes

    > Could it mean by SCSI Adapter is hosed? or my CDRW drive?

    It might be either, I'd suspect the CDRW first unless I had information
    that suggests otherwise.

    Try to find out.

    Matthias Andree
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