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    SubjectRe: State of devfs in 2.6?
    On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 12:04:08AM +0100, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
    > On Mon, 08 Dec 2003 15:50:45 +0000, William Lee Irwin III wrote:
    > > I would say it's deprecated at the very least. sysfs and udev are
    > > supposed to provide equivalent functionality, albeit by a somewhat
    > > different mechanism.
    > huh?
    > aj@simulacron:/dev$ find -type c -mount |grep -v pty |wc -l
    > 164
    > aj@simulacron:/dev$ find -type b |wc -l
    > 157
    > aj@simulacron:/dev$ find /sys/ -name dev |wc -l
    > 250
    > After ignoring .devfsd we are left with 70 devices missing:
    > - 15 floppy devices

    You have 15 floppy devices connected to your box? All floppy devices
    should show up in /sys/block.

    > - 5 input/ devices

    Patch for sysfs support for this has been posted by Hanna Linder. It
    still needs work before being added to the kernel tree.

    > - full, kmem, kmsg, mem, null, port, random, urandom, zero

    Patch for this has been posted by me to lkml in the past. It will
    probably go into 2.6.1

    > - printers/0

    Hanna Linder is working on a patch for these devices.

    > - 5 misc/ devices

    Patch for this has been posted by me to lkml in the past. It will
    probably go into 2.6.1.

    > - 12 snd/ devices
    > - 5 sound/ devices

    I have a patch here from Leann Ogasawara that adds sysfs support for
    these devices. I've been lacking time to test it better, but again, it
    will probably make it into 2.6.1.

    > - 18 vcc/ devices

    Hm, good catch. I wonder why these aren't getting picked up in
    /sys/class/tty as they are tty devices. I thought they used to be

    > I wouldn't call udev deprecated, unless a newer kernel has the
    > essential devices, too.

    You mean s/udev/devfs/ right? :)

    > And is there a udev version that can
    > do devfs names? last time I checked only lanana names were supported.

    There is a udev config file that was just posted to linux-hotplug-devel
    that supports a lot of devfs names. If there are any missing that you
    use, please post a config file for them.

    Remember, I don't use devfs, so I really don't care about a udev mapping
    for it :)

    > Some distributions were quite happy to move from /dev and lanana to
    > devfs with better names.

    Hm, 2? And one of them (Mandrake) got smart and went back...

    > I doubt everyone will rush to udev with lanana names,

    Why not? It's the standard afterall. Remember, the devfs users are in
    the tiny minority here.

    > and
    > re-introducing makedev for devices not represented
    > in sysfs doesn't sound very nice either. So 2.8.* might be a nice time
    > frame for dropping devfs, or at least give sysfs and udev a few months
    > to catch up on the issues mentioned.

    Regardless of the state of udev, devfs has insolvable problems and you
    should not use it. End of story.


    greg k-h
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