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    Subject2.4.23/others and ip_conntrack causing hangs
    Hi all,
    I wanted to bring up an issue with ip_conntrack in 2.4.23, 2.4.22, and at
    least 2.4.21 (sorry, didn't try 2.4.20).

    The issue is that as long as there are connections being tracked, the
    ip_conntrack module will not unload. I can understand why this might be,
    but the problem is that ip_conntrack will hang rmmod and modprobe -r until
    such time as all the connections have been closed.

    I think we need something like an ip_conntrack_flush or else completely drop
    the connections when the module is unloaded (as previously done) as this
    becomes an issue for people who need to drop their ip_tables and reload the
    modules (perhaps to correct other issues) especially ip_conntrack...

    The only way to reload the modules right now (yes, I know removing modules
    from a running kernel is dodgey anyway) is to completely drop the network
    interfaces which kills off the connections *anyway*. So, dropping the
    connections shouldn't be an issue.

    Thanks for the consideration.


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