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    SubjectRe: (RFC): SKB Initialization
    > The patch reduces the numer of cylces by 25%

    Er, I'm not getting that from just the numbers you show.

    The total ave number of cycles in alloc_skb before is approx 268.

    Total number of cycles in alloc_skb after is approx 468.

    So in order to reduce the total ave number of cycles, you
    need __kfree_skb to reduce by more than approx 200. (Since
    thats where you moved the code to).

    So unless we see the total cycles in __kfree_skb, how
    do we know? Or what am I missing?


    You said:

    CPU 0 CPU 1
    ------ ------
    Avg cycles in alloc_skb: 64.05 203.39
    Avg cycles in __kfree_skb: 127.54 228.95
    ------ -------
    Total Avg Cycles 191.59 432.34
    ------ -------

    # of times alloc_skb called: 235,478 2,060,422
    # of times __kfree_skb called: 2,063,276 232,359

    Linux 2.5.25+Skbinit Patch:
    CPU 0 CPU 1
    ----- -----
    Avg cycles in alloc skb: 237.21 230.91

    # of times alloc_skb called: 1,226,594 1,213,327

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