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SubjectRe: [PATCH] IDE 104
Alan Cox wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-07-26 at 10:07, Marcin Dalecki wrote:
>>The only thing which is really 'external API' there is the declaration
>>of the HDIO_XXX ioctl and among them in reality only HDIO_GETGEO
>> is really used outside the scope of the dreddy hdparm application.
>>99% of times its usage is bogous anyway. Or do you know any better
>>examples I'm not aware of?
> The struct hd_geometry is used by ioctl HDIO_GETGEO.
> The struct hd_driveid is used by ioctl HDIO_GETIDENTITY
>>The remainings will be moved away from there soon becouse it doesn't
>>make any sense to include this at every single place out there where
>>HDIO_GETGEO is the needed declaration. If some application needs ATA
> This would be great, right now lots of drivers suck in the file for the
> GETGEO stuff even though they are nothing to do with st506 or ide.

:-). That's the intention indeed behind the above game.
Please look at IDE patch nr 105. There is a change to the IDE parts to
include hdparm.h explicitely. The next change will be to let them
include a new header containing the definitions of ATA commands. This
time I will remove the ATA stuff from hdparm.h In hdparm only the
declarations of the ioctl stuff will with the two structures will
remain. At this point I will throw the double underscores in front of
the uXX-es to suite you.


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