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SubjectRe: AUDIT: copy_from_user is a deathtrap.
In message <> you wri
> On Sat, 18 May 2002, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >
> > Looking at generic_file_write(), it ignore the count returned by
> > copy_from_user and always commit a write for the whole requested
> > count, regardless of how much could actually be read from userland.
> > The result of copy_from_user is only used as an error condition.
> And this is exactly what makes it re-startable.

If read always returns the amount read (ignoring any copy_to_user
errors), then you can repeat it by seeking backwards[1] and redoing the

So copy_to_user can simply deliver a SIGSEGV and return "success", and
everything will work (except sockets, pipes, etc).

Is this satisfactory? I'd really like to get rid of 5,500 code paths
in the kernel...

BTW, SuSv3/POSIX.1.2001 says it's OK,
[1] No, this won't work on pipes & sockets, but the whole idea won't
work on many devices anyway...
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